Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Mom Song!

I have been really not keeping up with my blogs regularly, am sorry about that! Just a wee bit system failure on the home turf! All my plans keep coming apart dang! Being mom is not all that easy! And does it get any better from where I stand? Well we’ll see! Being the CEO of our homes n hearths is no easy task and requires as much planning as it requires running a company! Ok maybe more! Your investments come out of your heart and soul! So the stakes are really high up there!!
And so finally while I key in this post, at this very moment my lil one is out there ravaging my closet, which I put in order for the 199th time since yesterday! Okay exaggerating! But please get the point! Toddlers are so filled with energy and curiosity that nothing is more exciting than doing that-what-is-told-as-do-NOT-do!! Be it chewing mom’s slippers, eating off the floor! Yay! Better immunity! Be it ravaging mom’s closet, tearing newspapers-the unread ones that is! Be it snacking on leaves from the garden or any weird thing you could have never thought of! Well, the toddler is sure to have not only thought of it but acted likewise as well!!
I have a self decided no-yell policy with Baby A, but now-a-days am more like erring on the wrong side of it, it gets crazy to just walk in a room to see all freshly ironed clothes, suddenly crumpled again without even wearing them once! Just to see your favorite make-up all over the bathroom floor! A drenched toddler who emerges from the self bath only to sit merrily on the bed! So voila you have soaked bedding, bed and a baby who might catch cold!! N NO you are not supposed to YELL!!! Why be Buddha when you can be Mom!!
So why all this ranting on this blog! My mom sob day is here! Ta da!! Well nope thank you! This is fun and challenging me too!!

Just wanted to share this fun rap I found for today’s post!
The MOM SONG!! Totally loved it! Here it is for all of you!

Thanks to Wellness Mama, I found the song on her super wonderful blog!


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