Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We, the women

Being a daughter, wife and mother, I think life has now come the full circle. Being a mother brought a lot of awareness into my life. I was never aware of nutrition, wellness and overall developmental stages of humans and now I have a treasure trove of information to guide me on my journey of bringing up my daughter. I think it is very important to raise children with utmost awareness, they are your direct contribution to society, its wellbeing or destruction depending upon how you have raised your child. As mothers the responsibility lies on us to raise the collective consciousness of society, sow hope, love and empathy in young hearts so that the society of the future is filled with blossoming hope, love and empathy! That makes our role as parents very vital and very important. Given the sweeping changes in the world around us, sometimes we ourselves are mired with confusion, in conflict with our values and ethics. We are riddled with changing economic dynamics, changing relationship equations and our own bodies and souls. Then how can we ever focus on the child? Well there lies the answer. Collect our own lives, tidy up our routines, fill them with laughter, smiles, songs and exercise! Because children won’t listen, they will emulate…they will mimic their immediate environment. So instead of cursing the world around, becoming more mistrusting and sorrowful we have to make the best use of this opportunity we have, to contribute meaningfully to society in the present and the future.
Being a mother to a daughter has its own joys and worries! But when I find myself confused about my own career path, my own ambitions and reality, I doubted how can ever tell Baby A that go ahead, dream on! Achieve what you want to…
I have been in a process of seeking answers for myself and on my way I have found some real inspiring bits…today am sharing them all for all other parents around me, it lovely to know what other mothers think do and believe!

And lastly this wonderful movie/documentary which i insist each mother should see, to understand that if we human mothers were compared to other animal mothers, we sure have a lot to learn from them! How they take care of their young ones and how they are prepared to kill and die in order to give their young ones the hope of life! 'To the arctic' is a story of a polar bear mother with twin bears and how she leads them through the most wild, unforgiving landscape left on earth, to survival, to hope and life! 

Hope we keep learning a lot along this wonderful journey of motherhood!


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