Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The first trimester

Congratulations you are pregnant!! Once you hear these magical words from the doctor you have mixed feelings never is that just joy,its always mixed with apprehension and some unknowns. Trust me though it is humanity's oldest feeling, for each woman it is very new and very very different! Am not going to tell you here about what generally follows next but about some things which you might not have expected in the midst of all euphoria...

Firstly sit with your spouse and calmly focus on all possible implications this new responsibility is going to have on your relationship and openly discuss each one's fears, dreams aspirations and ideas about pregnancy and child birth and during the second trimester discuss child rearing,passing of values,beliefs and general outline about parental role that you are poised to play. This is very important because pregnancy which I believe belongs to the couple is suddenly hijacked by mothers,mother-in-laws, female friends,aunties n all the female brigade n the poor husband is left out of the whole sacred and amazing process of child birth. This is very important to sit together and discuss all things and define each others roles for the days n years to come and assure each other of unstinting support in all new circumstances.
Secondly draw up a health schedule for yourself. Google about pregnancy friendly exercises and see what suits your body type and current state of body. Seek your doctor's guidance regarding this and plan out your food intake and subsequent weight gain which is healthy and normal. Most doctors will have a general idea about how much weight gain would be right for you and will readily give a month by month or trimester weight gain pattern for you. Each one's body is unique and each one's response to pregnancy is bound to differ,hence carefully plan out your food intake, meal timings and stick to them religiously. Its very important that your body gets all the vital nutrients required during pregnancy,childbirth and nursing. Be in charge of your food intake since the day you know you are pregnant.
Cravings have long been glorified during pregnancy. But realise that strong desire to eat something sour or spicy or sweet is not the baby inside asking for a particular food item!! How can it! Its your own body crying out for attention, pointing out a severe deficiency! Read your body signals well. If you crave for sour things maybe its vitamin C that you need rather than some salty sour snack! Do not forget your basic education which equips you to be curious, ask questions and seek rational answers than just follow what everyone tells you. Nothing which discomforts you is normal during pregnancy, so if someone tells you to live with it, ask your doctor. Consider your body as a factory and the baby your finished product. Its your complete responsibility to provide your body all necessary raw material for the creation of a perfect product. If you get lax or ignore the demands of your body now,it won't hurt you right now but later post delivery the body will show signs of extreme wear and tear. So be informed and happy in the long run.
Walking and yoga have been my preferences during my pregnancy,it can vary for each one of you. If its walking for you,set up a goal, say 1000 steps twice a day. These are not to be calculated with all the moving around during the day but an additional task to your day. Walking near greenery and barefoot on grass if possible will help. If not wear comfortable flat footwear and walk.
Keep a small journal to note down any new feelings,thoughts and bodily changes along with questions about the next developmental stage of your baby and your body's response to it. Take this journal along for your visits to the doctor. Discuss things with the doctor and stay informed. Read up various references and books and get to know the massive miracle you are living out. Than just relying on what others have to share regarding pregnancy(trust me a lot of unsolicited advice comes your way)the right information helps you parse all the info avalanche headed your way!
Another very important thing which you should accept and behave likewise,pregnancy is a natural state of the body its not a disease. Even if you are puking all day n living in the bathroom half day, it still is not a disease at all and hence enjoy all pampering once in a while but do not make it a reason to lounge at home each day!! Go on with your life as normally and just a bit more carefully than you otherwise would. In fact set up goals to be fully mobile till the very last day of your pregnancy. Unless the doctor has enforced strict rest ,keep doing all your activities normally.
Keep a keen tab on all your feelings and responses. With the body poised for major tasks ahead,hormonal changes will be rapid and taking hold of your emotional state as well. Think rationally before responding to anyone or any situation, it will save you a lot of trouble later on when you return to being your normal self approximately two years from your first trimester.
Pregnancy also should bring out the imaginative and creative streak in you! After all you are poised to be apprentice of mother Nature and create your life's masterpiece in form of your child. The mental frame of a pregnant woman always should be positive is what we know but if we look further into it, if the mother to be has an optimistic frame of mind she can always channel her positivity into creating a healthy, wise, brave and happy human being. We all admire successful people but do we realise we are given a chance to mould a perfect human being when we are pregnant. Your country, your world needs brave, beautiful, compassionate people, leaders and visionaries and in pregnancy each mother,each father is offered a chance to change the world. If you even begin to consider how powerful that is, am sure each pregnant woman will end up being responsible, healthy, happy and determined to change the world.
Read more about the second trimester and third trimester in the following posts...
Be creative! be imaginative!! momma :-)


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